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Wedding Photography


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Wedding Photography.

Emotion-driven style.

This is one of the most memorable moments of your life, and I don’t take that lightly. I'll be there to candidly document your celebration, while creatively portraying the energy you felt while becoming newlyweds.

Weddings aren’t about perfectly pressed suites, or intricate updos.


A documentary approach to all the little things happening throughout the day. Grandma’s tearing up, family members cheering as you kiss. Your significant other pacing before they head down the aisle. All the things that show the reality of a wedding day - no posing or prompts, just real life moments.


Everyone thinks they’re awkward in front of the camera, but the good news is that I’m a MFing professional and I GOT YOUUU. The key is to not “pose” people, but instead provide direction that creates real reactions, and true emotion. I literally tell people not to look at the camera unless I say so, because photos come out so much more natural when you’re engaging with your spouse vs. rigidly smiling at my camera.

Family Formals.

Don’t worry, your grandma will get every formal, traditional portrait her heart desires. I totally understand the importance of family and recognize the fact that everyone is rarely all in the same place. With that being said, I don’t recommend 3425324 variations and combinations. I will help you slim it down so that everyone gets photos, and it only takes about 15 minutes out of your day!

I got you.

I promise to help you plan your day - I’ll send you a 30+ page wedding guide that spills everything I’ve learned about weddings, as well as help location scout for portraits, and plan an efficient photography timeline so that you have the best light, and the least amount of stress.

I promise.

On your wedding day I promise to be your mirror, and help you stay looking fresh AF. I promise to help you have the best day - whatever that looks like for you, whether it’s popping bottles and dancing all day or calmly taking it all in. I promise to shoot the photos that aren’t just for Instagram, but are for remembering your loved ones. I promise to make your day go as smoothly as possible - if something goes “wrong” I promise I’m quick on my feet and there is no situation that I can’t help you with.


Your photo gallery will be sent to you within 2 months of your wedding date. It will show up in your inbox in an easy to use digital gallery that you can share with your friends and family. There’s an easy to use professional print shop built in to the gallery, or you can download your images and print them anywhere you’d like!


Do you have a second shooter?
Yes! I offer packages with second shooters!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

How do you keep my photos safe during and after the wedding day?
File mishaps are sadly all too common in this industry! I always shoot with dual recording memory cards, and use a professional backup system once I get home! Your files are safe with me!

How many images will I receive?
Each package promises a minimum number of images, but you will receive every image that’s technically sound (i.e. In focus, properly exposed, etc.)

Will they all be edited?
I edit every image I deliver. I do not deliver unedited images.

Do you Photoshop images?
I lightly touch up skin by removing things that are not permanent features (i.e. friggin ZITS). I do not Photoshop items out of photos, or modify body shapes/sizes.

How long until we receive our images?
The industry standard is 8-10 weeks after the wedding date. My contract states 2 months or less :)

Can we meet before we book?
Unfortunately due to my extensive travel schedule and number of inquiries I can’t meet with everyone before booking but I’m more than happy to Facetime/Skype/Google Hangouts! I’d love to see your face and chat with you!!

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