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My Philos0phy.

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I currently call Washington and Illinois home, but after May it will be Colorado and Washington! I spend most of my weekends traveling, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I don’t think that location should keep us from working together. If we’re a match then we’re a friggin match and I’ll be right there - save me a beer!


  • Jan - WA, IL

  • Feb - WA, IL

  • March - IL, Portland, WA

  • April - IL, Tulum MX, Denver

  • May - Denver, NYC

  • June - WA, Denver, IL

  • July - WA, Denver

  • Aug - WA, MN, CO

  • Sept - LA, WA, CO, MI

  • Oct - CO

  • Nov - NJ

  • Dec - CO

My Approach.

I get to know every couple so that I can fully understand your story. I genuinely love every couple I work with, and I love giving them the perfect photos and films. Seriously. My love languages are Acts of Service and Giving - there isn’t a more perfect job for me than this haha.


It’s extremely important to me to get to know who you truly are. This will help me serve you, and create the most genuine work for you. No one wants a stranger showing up to their wedding (or boudoir session - ha!) So I want to foster a trusting relationship beforehand so that I can bring nothing but joy, support, and the perfect balance of energy and relaxation to your day.


Your photographer and filmmaker are by your side more on your wedding day than your spouse is. Which is crazy. You’re hiring someone for there personality, artistry, style, and years of experience. That’s a big freaking deal. You should expect the most emotion-drive, creative work to represent your day. You’ve spent months planning a day that’s as unique as you are, and at the end of the day your photos and films are what’s left to show for it. It’s the documentation of your day that you’ll be sharing with family and friends the rest of your life.


I will ask you every question imaginable to get to know you as a couple, every detail about your day, and what your hopes are for your photos and film.  I take all of this information and use it to approach how I shoot your day. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have a style, but everything is focused around how to tell your individual story.


I want to pour into my couples all that I can to help them plan and creatively capture their day. Everything from timeline assistance, to vendor recommendations, to scouting locations. I want to help in any way that I can, and provide each couple with the best experience possible during your planning process as well as on your wedding day! I send every couple my Wedding Guide, that’s full of everything I’ve learned over the years, so that you can feel beyond prepared when planning your day! I want to be there for everything you need to ensure your day goes smoothly, and that your photos and film are as bomb as you are.


I can't stress this enough. It's your wedding, be who you are. Ditch meaningless traditions and fill the time with meaningful new ones. I want to capture the most genuine, human version of who you are as a couple. Craft your day and hire a videographer that connects with who you are. Whether you're the badass couple rocking shades, or tackling your groom on the side of a mountain. Take who you are as a couple, and run with it. Unafraid, unapologetic, and in the moment. It's the one day where truly nothing else matters besides you two, and that's my favorite story to tell.

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