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Wedding Filmmaking

It’s all all About the Feeling.

Wedding films help you relive the FEELINGS you experienced on your day, over and over again. This is where the art of storytelling comes into play, and this is why you googled “professional wedding videographer” instead of just asking your cousin to film it on his iPhone - ha! 


NORTH CASCADES National park, WA


My Process.

I will ask you every question imaginable to get to know you as a couple, every detail about your day, and what your hopes are for your film.  I take all of this and use it to approach how I film your day. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have a style, but everything is focused around how to tell your individual story.

In post-production, I hand sort through every inch of footage and select the moments I feel reflect you and your day the best. From there, I spend countless hours crafting your story, custom color grading each shot, and obsessing over every detail from not only my viewpoint as the videographer, but from yours as the couple.

I include all aspects of your wedding that are important to you, in a way that triggers the emotions you felt on that day. I'm there to make sure you have a film to show your future grandkids - an heirloom from your day that perfectly tells your unique story. There’s something about hearing voices of loved ones, and seeing their movements and mannerisms paired with music that creates an unforgettable feeling. I have a 100% success rate of making couples cry (happy tears!) while watching their film, which is good news since it’s your film for a lifetime.





Let's be real. Music can make or break a film. And it's completely subjective. What is amazing in one person's eyes can be horrendous to another. That's why I custom select a song for each one of my films. So that you get a song that perfectly reflects your wedding day, and reminds you of nothing else except your day - because it’s 100% your song.

I’ve spent up to a week scouring music licensing sites for a single song, and then hours chopping it up and reworking it to craft the story I’m trying to tell. That's how important I think music is.

I have a slew of questions to go over with each couple before the wedding day so that I can learn what styles of music you like, what songs have been important to you as a couple in the past, what music from other wedding videos you’ve liked, how you’re imagining your own wedding film, etc.

On the day of your wedding, I pay close attention to the music and personality of everything going on.  I use all of this information to find a song that best reflects each moment of your day, and slice and dice the track to fit your film perfectly. Sometimes it’s the most unexpecting song that really conveys the emotion of a moment.

Moody PNW Elopement
La Push, WA


Latest Films.

Lake Crescent Wedding
Port Angeles, WA

Venue: NatureBridge
Florist: Fire and Blooms
Photographer: Chelsea Abril

Intimate Upstate Wedding
Hudson, NY

Daniella (Below The Same Sun)
Juan (Busty Roams)

Venue: Windrift Hall, NY
Florist: Olive + June Floral Co.
Coordinator: Kate Taylor
Photographer: Astrid Johana Photo
Officiant: Kris Brown, Hillsong Church

More Films Below.



How long are your highlight films?
Typically 3-6 minutes long. I offer different lengths based on hours of coverage - the longer the coverage the more content there tends to be.

Do you offer full length ceremony & toast films?

Do you offer social media films?
Yes! Most couples add on an instagram trailer to their package.

How long until after our wedding will we receive our film?
The industry standard is 6 months, my contract states 5 months, or 6 months if I’m your photographer and videographer.

How do you deliver our film(s)?
Digitally via Dropbox.

Can we pick our own music?
Please check out the Music section above - TLDNR: No. haha

How do you work with photographers?
Since I am a photographer, I totally know how it goes. Communication throughout the whole wedding day is so important so that we aren’t photobombing each other haha. I do recommend getting a photographer and videographer that have similar styles, this cuts down time during portraits.

Do you mic us for the ceremony?
With your approval, I discreetly put a lapel mic on the officiant.

Do you use lights at the reception?
Yes! Once the sun sets, I have two lights I can use to make sure that the people giving toasts are actually visible in footage. Photographers also love this because many of them prefer constant light sources over flash.  

Can we meet before we book?
Unfortunately due to my extensive travel schedule and number of inquiries I can’t meet with everyone before booking but I’m more than happy to Facetime/Skype/Google Hangouts! I’d love to see your face and chat with you!!

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More Featured Films.

Mountainside Wedding
Sandpoint, Idaho


Boho Garden Wedding
Vashon Island, WA

Snoqualmie Falls Elopement
Seattle, WA

Spain Elopement
Barcelona, Spain

Dunn Gardens Wedding
Seattle, WA