Wedding videography is a luxury, so it should feel like one.

You know what’s not a luxury? Your marriage license. Which is why it’s ugly, it’s inconvenient to get, and everyone gets the same thing. This should not be your experience with your videographer. The key word there is experience. You’re only a bride (or groom!) for one day - you wanna feel like Kanye-friggin-West.


How to feel like Kanye:

  • Be able to trust your videographer (and every vendor), because you’ve got more important things to worry about like getting married. 

  • Have a connection with your videographer - if we had to sit next to each other at a bar it should be, not fake-a-phone-call-and-run

  • Get that artsy person filming. You don’t want some robot-like-videographer shooting straight from the same shot list he uses for everyone else’s wedding. Cuz I’mma let you finish, but your wedding was the best wedding of 2017 - so you deserve a unique film.

  • You want your film to be finely crafted, because you didn’t spend every free moment over the last 8 months planning, to have it be documented in any other way.

  • Spam twitter with ”thought provoking tweets”. This is key.