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Memories of intimacy //

Boudoir sessions for love.

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Intimate Portraits //

An expression of self.

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This is Your Boudior Session

I create art because I have things to say that my words will never get across. And I create portraits because I see you, and I know you have something to say too.

Posture, hand movements, the tilt of your head, the tension in your brow, where your eyes gaze - it’s all so telling.

Boudoir is about longing and desires, accomplishments and strengths, owning who you are at the most intimate level, and allowing others to take a glimpse inside.


There’s sex, and then there’s intimacy. This is intimacy.

Sex is an act, where as intimacy is everything between the lines. It’s what leads you to where you are. It’s the connection, it’s the games, it’s the give and take, the tension, the rollercoaster, the longing, the joys. It’s who you are and what you proudly bring to the table. Who I am does not fit into fucking stilettos and lace thongs. An image of a red high heel pulling down underwear does not express shit. That’s sex. That’s a superficial image of what intimacy is, and is the epitome of the fast-food-boudoir that’s friggin everywhere.

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Own who you are.

Be confident with who you are. I want you to feel loved, confident, collected, empowered. You are who you are, and that is great. This goes beyond thigh gaps and photos of ass cheeks. What makes a portrait of beyonce so fierce has nothing to do with either of these things. It’s that she owns who she is, and runs with it. With every photo she’s in her message of this is clear.


It’s not about being perfect.

To me, “perfect” is fake, and that’s not the story I’m here to tell. We are humans that have lived, grown, experienced every rollercoaster of emotion and our bodies show it.

I’m not going to try and sell you on being overjoyed by every stretch mark, or dimple -  we all have things that annoy us about our bodies. But I am here to tell you that those things really don’t fucking matter. There’s way more important things in life, and more important things about you than stretch marks.

I don’t photoshop people  to look skinnier, but I do believe it’s my job as the photographer to bring the things you love to the forefront of your story, and minimize the shit that doesn’t matter. Lighting, posing, and framing amongst other things help me showcase you in the best way.


You do not fit in a box.

I get so frustrated looking at boudoir that doesn’t say anything. You know the kind I mean. It’s just a chick awkwardly thrusting her boobs at the camera. Or photo of a butt in red lingerie in the worst lighting imaginable. This is the box of sexuality that so many people end up getting crammed into during boudoir shoots. Like who the F even decided that was “sexy”... Probably the same people that think femininity is mini skirts and tampons.

There seems to be this ye-olde-theme of women feeling they need to be sexier, so they go out and buy all this stuff that they would never actually wear, and then book a boudoir session with some dude they don’t even know to try and squish into this generic expression of fast-food-sexuality.

This is not you. You are not stagnant. You are not generic. If you wear heels fabulous, if not do not wear friggin heels. (You won’t find a single traditional bra in my closet so I’ll be damned if I’d ever wear a push up for a boudior shoot. Nopenopenope!)

This session is about who you are, and what you have to say. I promise there’s no box in sight.


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This session is about you, and it can be as modest or as open as you’d like. I would walk around town all day butt naked if that were socially acceptable, but not everyone feels this way and that’s totally okay! I want you to wear whatever makes you feel like your most badass self.


I’ll find the best lighting in the space, and give direction on ways to move. Ideally there is constant, subtle motion - which replicates real life. We are not stagnant people. When you engage with those around you in any way there is movement. It portrays so much emotion. Stagnant, overplayed, pinup poses will not be happening at this shoot.


Leading up to your session.

I’ll send you a questionnaire that will help me learn about you in and out! It’s loaded with questions that will help me create the perfect shoot for you.

Next I’ll send my Boudoir Guide - this is a PDF loaded with tips & tricks on figuring out the perfect location and attire for your shoot.

On the day of your session.

I’ll bring a bluetooth speaker, an awesome playlist, and drinks of your choice! I promise a chill, yet fun environment and together we’ll make some magic.

After your session.

In 4-6 weeks you’ll receive a digital gallery of your edited images! You’re welcome to save/share/print the images wherever you’d like. If you need your images back sooner,  I do offer expedited editing (so you can jump to the front of the line) for $150.

Some people love making albums, print boxes, you name it. Your digital gallery has a print shop where you can easily get all of these things professional made and shipped right to you.


Where do you do boudoir sessions?
Your home, an airbnb, a hotel, outdoors, the options are endless! You can find my travel schedule on my About page to see when I’ll be in your area.

Can I print my photos?
Of course! You receive a digital gallery of all the edited images. You can print through my professional shop, or use the files to print anywhere you’d like.

How long is a session?
I have packages that offer 45 - 2 hour shoots!

Do you offer albums?
Yes! Linen album, leather lay flat albums, or magazine style.

Do you offer hair and makeup?
I have a list of recommended hair and makeup artists that you can book with!

How long does it take to get my photos back?
A maximum of 6 weeks. I do offer expedited editing (so you can jump to the front of the line) for $150.

Who will see my photos?
Only those that you choose to share them with! I do offer a package discount of $100 for anyone who’s happy to be featured on my insta, or website.

How many images do I get back?
This depends on the package! 20-150 depending on the amount of time we shoot for.

How many outfits do I need?
1-3, this is totally up to you!

Can you help me figure out what to wear?
Of course! I have a guide that has tons of helpful tips too.

Can you help me find a place to shoot?


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Inquire about boudoir. 

How to book.

  • Drop me an inquiry below.

  • We’ll chat, you can ask me any questions you’d like, and if we’re a good fit we’ll set up a date!

  • A signed contract and 50% retainer will hold your spot.

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