Teagan | Red Rocks Amphitheater, CO

Colorado is for lovers.

(The ultimate ‘00s kid headline, amiright)

Videographers by like

Whenever you’re in Colorado you shoot every chance you get. I was there for 8 glorious days and decided it was my chance to layer my style and brand onto some bomb mountainous backdrops. I did a model call on Instagram, and fortunately the algorithm gods sent me the ultimate cool girl, Teagan. Even her name is cool. Like get. out. Aaaand did I mention she’s a wedding planner - creep on her here www.thefoxdays.com

Red Rocks Amphitheater, CO

The next task was to find a location. I was on the hunt for something iconic, outdoorsy, cool AF, and wouldn’t require Teagan to commit to some insane 8 hour hike. Obviously Red Rocks took the cake.

Red Rocks + Red dress

No. This was not my initial concept. Literally one of the first things out of my mouth was “don’t wear red”. Fortunately she suggested this dress anyways, and as you can see, it was bomb. The red stood out just enough so that she didn’t blend in with the background, but was dark enough not to distract from her (the focal point). It also went surprisingly well with my brand ( which for the record, I’ve decided is tidbits of natural texture + crisp clean lines + carefree badassery). That velvet red dress brought in the crisp badassery, that kept this shoot from spiraling down a completely rustic bohemian hole - - not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not quite me.

Gotta Find a Banger

One of the best things about video is the music (so if you didn’t have your sound on when you watched that video, kindly scroll back up and replay, cuz that jam is fire.)

I spend an obsessively long time scouring through www.musicbed.com to find the perfect song for each video. The music has to be reflective of the shoot + establish the vibe I’m going for + align with my brand + overall be so awesome that I don’t go insane listening to it play over and over for hours while editing. In case you were wondering, that’s "Thinkin Bout You" by Aaron Krause, and it’s freakishly good. So good, that I’m confused why it was buried in this random music licensing site and not on the radio? But whatever.

Anyways, a good song can sculpt the whole story. And I really needed that, because without it, you’d just be watching a cute girl spinning in dress for 60 seconds. Not an awful option, but not exactly astute.

Traveling Videographer | Colorado + Washington

One of my 2017 goals was to travel more for shoots. I’ve expanded to Washington and Colorado thus far and I. Am. Puuuumped. This summer I’m shooting mountainside weddings and it’s kind of already blowing my mind - this is like videographer crack - er, gold (the connotation isn’t quite as dismal with that ha.) But yea, if you're about to say “i do”, check this out and HMU - let's make cool things happen.



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