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Boudoir Photography Session with Morgan


When snow is coming down outside and it’s roughly -10 degrees most people resort to curling up on the couch with bae to Netflix and chill. Buuut I have other plans. During the dead of winter, I call up my bombshell friends and bribe them to do a boudoir session. Because that’s normal...right?

Enter, Morgan. She’s awesome.  Her chill personality just fills the room with this crazy presence that is hard to put into words.  She’s totally the girl you want to be your best friend. She's also the girl that guys want to take home to their moms and introduce to their best friends. Yes, she’s that cool.  


See what I mean?

She’s like backyard baseball meets America’s Next Top Model (if you don’t get that, don’t ask me about just means that basically she can do anything).

When I called Morgan to see if she wanted to work with me on a shoot, she was 110% down. However...

Not everyone is like Morgan.

I’m not even like Morgan. I feel like a badass babe until the second I step in front of a camera (hence why I am behind it). So I totally get it if you are camera shy. Yet, A LOT of camera-shy women just like me are curious about boudoir photography. They want to do a shoot for their SO or maybe even for themselves, but they don’t think they “have what it takes”.  You guys, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

Every woman has what it takes. Boudoir photography is about showing the REAL you. The you that comes out when you're alone, strutting around in front of the bathroom mirror and Bootylicious comes on Spotify. It’s about being in your own skin and being so damn confident about it that you radiate a strong, sexy energy that no one can deny----I know, I got really deep there...but you needed to hear it.

So, let me tell you about how we can make a boudoir session the most rad experience ever.


We’re gonna pop bottles. You choose. White wine or red. Jager or Jose. Blue Label or Jack. You name it, I’ve got you covered. I’m not in a hurry, you need to relax, and I have found that there is a nothing a little liquid confidence can’t fix.  

Music. Will. Be. Loud.  My bluetooth speaker is my number one traveling buddy and partner in crime.  It can play whatever I tell it to.  So, whether you want throwback Britney or some Queen B., I’m ready to go.  Don’t worry, I would never let you dance alone...and I’ll call you a “freakin’ babe” about a million times.

Time is irrelevant.  I mean, if you have somewhere to be I’m not going to hold you back, but I’m definitely not rushing you through the session either! I want you to be comfortable during the session and happy with your final product.  I like to capture a carefree, confident vibe, so it’s best if we just go with the flow.

I don’t do airbrush. When I capture your boudoir session, it’s gonna be so real.  I don’t do a fake airbrushed look. All the textures, freckles, and intimate details are what gives your S.O. goosebumps when they think about being close to you, and make you genuinely freaking sexy. 

Location. Lookin' at you Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, and Central Illinois babes. You're all in my market and I'd love to shoot you. We can shoot anywhere there's light. Your place, a rad airbnb, the middle of the woods, you name it. I can help find the perfect spot <3 

Your pictures are YOURS. I have to let you know that I don’t go around posting blogs of boudoir shoots on the regular (unless you want me to of course).  Morgan helped me out on this session so that I could show you how amazeballs boudoir sessions can be. I love the fact that your photos are for a specific person, and that person only.  When you shoot with me your photos will be kept sacred. Scout’s honor

What are you waiting for. Every chick wants to rock a badass boudoir shoot. We just all think there needs to be some perfect reason for it. I went ahead and found a whole list of holidays for you to celebrate with a boudoir shoot, my favorite being March 7th, National Cereal Day. But seriously, I want to capture your ultimate cool girl, sexy self. Send me a message. Let’s get together and do this thing.

SESSIONS starting at $500.

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