I Got You, Babe | Couples

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast

Couples Photography Session with Olivia and Cole

It’s February and love is in the air, yo. Generally I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan (Galentine’s Day is where it’s at), but I have met so many awesome couples in love lately that I just had to do a little something to celebrate. So, I’m gonna throw it back to two of my favorite peeps and (slightly) warmer days on the Oregon coast.

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Meet Olivia and Cole.

I met these two on Instagram (which is basically match.com for photographers/videographers who want to meet the most bomb couples ever) and immediately fell head over heels for them.

Olivia and Cole have that love that’s like Pam and Jim (please get that reference).

A love that everyone envies and double taps on instagram. Their personalities melt together like hot chocolate and marshmallows, and they jive like Sonny and Cher singing ”I got you, babe” (that was such an old person reference, but whatever).  You can tell just by being around them that their relationship is completely, 100%, no questions asked, simultaneously exciting and comfortable---like they’ve known each other forever but live like they've just met.

Couples like Olivia and Cole make my job look easy.  But really, it’s because we want the same thing, REAL pictures of REAL people.  People don’t walk through the forest with their hands joined together in the shape of a heart in real life (at least I hope they don’t) so why would they want to hang a picture on their wall like they do?

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I feel like it’s my job to deliver more than posed snapshots. I’m so honored when a couple chooses ME to document the most exciting times of their lives and I want my work to show it.  Whether it is photographing or filming engagements, weddings, anniversarys, or just a celebration of love, you deserve photographs and video that captures your feelings and tells a story.

So, here’s what you can expect when you ask me to capture these monumental moments of your life…

I’m NOT going to make you do a cheesy pose. This is basically number one in my ten commandments of photography rules.  Poses are uncomfortable and  usually people look REALLY unnatural when they are asked to do them, because they are either trying not to laugh or trying not to cry.

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I won’t even really make you look at the camera. Most of the best pictures I capture are when the couple forgets the camera is even there.  It’s the moments where they are laughing with each other, having a personal moment, or just taking in the view together.  Moments that happen in real life are breathtaking when caught on film, and it’s my job to do that.

We’re gonna have fun.  Photographing or not, I promise any time we’re together it’s goin' down. However, during couples shoots it's especially important to cut loose. You'll run, climb on everything in sight, and eventually transition into some hot and steamy moments.  If you aren’t sure you know how to have fun, or how to channel your inner babe, I got you. My behind the camera directions will help you relax and create the rad pictures you’ve been dreaming about.

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Oregon Couples Videographer Photographer-64.jpg

Genuine, confident, wild. That’s what you’re going to get with me. So, whether you are like Olivia and Cole and just want to capture your coolness and love, you recently put a ring on it (CONGRATS!!!), or you’re throwing a kick ass wedding, let’s get together. Let’s go crazy, love.

Locations + Travel. As always, I love traveling. Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois are my main markets but I'll happily visit wherever your heart desires. I'm down to explore the wilderness, or the city, it's whatever excites you as a couple. I'll help scout locations and together we'll find the perfect spot.